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Nature is alluded to as Earth, symbolizing her energy to make, sustain and look after creation. Man knows about nature's forces of creation, adjust and additionally decimation, however doesn't know about the incomprehensibility and her influence over the whole universe. Not able to grasp nature completely, man holds her in reverence. 

Nature gives and manages humanity by supporting him with nourishment. The evolved way of life that man has learnt to draw from nature from the plentiful vegetation. Man has learnt to develop arrive and develop plants, oats, grains, heartbeats, vegetables and natural products for his sustenance. He has learnt to utilize the normal fiber to weave fabric and utilize the bounteous common asset of wood for building his sanctuary. The use of plants is not constrained to just this. Plants are valuable to man in having the capacity to cure him of illnesses including ailments and contaminations as well. 

Perceiving the therapeutic and remedial properties of restorative plants, man has for eras help the plants in worship and adored them other than concentrate their properties and developing them. Old human advancements and uncovering locales like the ones at Iraq have given piece of information to the way that 60,000 years back men used to develop therapeutic plants and held them in high regard. 

Certain mysterious plants and restorative plants with psychedelic plants fit for delivering mind flights and in addition helping people rise above the cognizance into higher domains are utilized by yogis and individuals who hone otherworldly ceremonies and study. Certain factions in oriental societies and other old social orders utilize shamanistic works on including couple of exceptional plants. 

Since time immemorial individuals have trusted that plants and trees are likewise living spirits with a spirit aside from that they are at a lower method of articulation of life. As needs be they trusted trees to be some gatekeeper blessed messengers or spirits. Hindu rationality has attributed different blessed trees to various divinities and thinks of them as promising living arrangement where gods dwell. 

Man utilizes the plants in nature for his nourishment and different uses to make his life agreeable. Since it is The unstoppable force of life that sustains him, he alludes to the rule and most vital blessings of nature that he utilizes as 'Mother'. Coconuts give us nourishment, oil, fiber, shell, rope and numerous more things. Its every last part is valuable for us. In this manner in many societies coconut is worshiped and furthermore called Mother coconut. Essentially cocoa plant is called mother cocoa. 

Much the same as how trees are homes to great spirits and heavenly attendants, there are trees that are homes to insidiousness spirits and phantoms as well. Individuals do supplicate and adore the insidious elements asking for and mollifying to them to shield humankind from mischief and underhandedness impact. Many plants are utilized by conjurers and alchemists to get ready mixes and mixtures. Witches are known to utilize plants like belladonna in their witchcraft to get ready toxic substances and other enchantment parcels. 

Nature is copious with both great and terrible. Correspondingly there are great plants and there are plants that are harmful or terrible for man's utilization. It is for man to figure out how to utilize great things and abstain from utilizing awful things and regard nature and be grateful..

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