Rabu, 26 Juni 2013

AVG antiVirus is one of the best antiVirus I have ever used on my android smart phone and Tablet. It has many features that makes it outstanding like

 Protection feature: gives you protection over malicious contents, suspicious websites, allows you to set auto-scan (once a day, once a week or never) allows you to enable or disable deep File scan in order to detect any hidden malicious files, enable or disable PUP detection which treats potentially unwanted programs (PUP) as malware.
 Performance feature;comes with task killer which allows you to know running task, also allows you to know the free RAM memory available at that time, it also has battery consumption optimization feature which allows you to optimize your battery usage for your android smart phone or tablet. Other features in that category include "Data usage" which allows you to monitor your mobile data usage and "Storage usage feature" which allows you to manage your device storage usage.

 Anti Theft feature:By registering for avg anti-Theft service which is totally free you can Locate your device using Google Maps Remotely Lock your device Remotely wipe personal data from your device You can register by entering your Google account details or email in the anti-theft register page.
Privacy feature; comes with App Locker that allows you to lock your files, music player and apps with a password, App Backup, call and message Blocker which allows you to manage unwanted/unknown calls and messages, wipe device which performs factory data reset on your device. Other features like Wipe data and category and Wipe SD Card. This app is not just an anti-virus but an app that gives you control of your android tablet or smart phone

Nb This app is not a paid app for download, you can download it free at play store, some pro features can expire after some times features like App Locker and App Backup after a period of 30 days but other features will still be working properly. Download this App for free at Google Play Store.