Selasa, 18 September 2012

Before I continue, this article is not an affiliate article, but an article based on my experience with Airtel Nigeria as one of the leading internet provider in Nigeria.
Below are my reasons.
1. INTERNET SPEED AND DOWNLOADING SPEED: Airtel network has a very fast internet connection and downloading speed. Downloading speed of 112-200kbps for edge 500kbps to 10.0mbps or more for 3G or HSPA.
For instance, there were some files that I tried to download with one other internet provider in Nigeria that took me several hours compared to airtel that took me just few minutes to download it.
2. AIRTEL BIS: Airtel BIS is one of the cheapest in Nigeria. As low as N1200 (blackberry social) per month. Ranging from monthly. Weekly and daily subscription. Most importantly, Airtel BIS can be used on other non blackberry smartphones.
For complete monthly 30 days N1400, Dial *440*1# or send bcm to 440.
For weekly 7 days N400, Dial *440*2# or bcw to 440.
For daily 24hrs N100, Dail *440*3# bcd.

Blackberry social monthly N1200, Dial *440*4# or bsm to 440.

3. FREE DATA: Airtel gives 10mb data weekly if you recharge up to N200, also you get 1mb data daily by dialing *141*13*1#
4. Airtel has a "Gift data" platform where you can transfer data to friends and loved ones by dialing *141*1# and follow the prompt.

Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

Download 4shared for android

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It’s free.

Senin, 20 Agustus 2012

Initially, many Nigerians couldn't afford a Blackberry phone, because of it's cost when it was first introduced by MTN in Nigeria, not only that the cost of it's subscription was so high that it's two months subscription can buy you a nokia symbian phone. Due to these reasons the sale of this smart phone was not successful in Nigeria, but now it is Nigeria's number one smart phone. The reason being because of it's affordable BIS, unlimited internet data bundle and competition among network providers to give their customers an affordable Blackberry subscription. Android and ios smart phone users has envied this. I wonder why there is no such thing for android and ios users, who uses a phone that needs the internet, apps compared to Blackberry.
Thank God for airtel. With airtel you can use your Bis on any other smart phone.
How to do that:
1. Insert your airtel simcard in any phone.
2. Recharge with N1200.
3. Text BSM to 400
4. Save the text message you will recieve future use.
5. Turn off your phone and power it on after some minutes.
6. Then enjoy airtel 1gb BIS monthly subscription. You can also use it on your PC via your modem. I'm only sure of airtel for now.
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