Sabtu, 02 Februari 2013

Google checkout for Android

Google checkoutGoogle Checkout for android is an application that allows an android user to use his smartphone as his wallet to buy stuffs anywhere he sees the  checkout logo.
How it works:
Google Checkout LogoPaypal is one of the most widely used payment method  apart from the use of credit cards (Visa card and MasterCard , but unfortunately some countries are restricted from using this service. This is where Google checkout comes to play a part, Google always have a way of making things a lot easier for internet users. With Google Checkout you can buy whatever you want where ever you see a Google Checkout logo. You can fund your account with a credit card (visa or MasterCard . For Nigerians in my next article I'll tell you how to get a visa card in Nigeria.

How to sign-up with Google Checkout

First you have to create an account with Google if you don't have any account with them
. Then visit Google Checkout
. Click add a credit card. Within seconds your account will be credited.

. Then Download Google Checkout for your android smartphone

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